We realize you have a choice in where and how you spend your hard earned advertising dollars. These FAQ’s may help you realize the benefits of advertising on our billboards.

What is the cost for ad design?

Your professionally designed stationary ad is included in the cost of advertising with us.  Video production available for standard ads.  Infomercials and any video over 15 sec. is not included in production.

How often does my ad run?

Your ad will run 2000-2500 times a month.  Your ad will be displayed for 15 seconds approximately once every twenty (20) minutes or less. Rate of rotation will depend upon the number of advertisers per billboard.

How long is my ad displayed on the screen?

Ads are displayed for at least 15 seconds per presentation. Additional time may be purchased. Videos and Infomercials times may vary according to purchase.

How many ads are on each billboard?

We limit the number of ads per billboard to 100, however, your ad will be presented a minimum of once every twenty (20) minutes or less. Additionally, your ad will be displayed a minimum of 10,000 times per year. More information can be provided upon request.

Can I have an ad with a longer duration?

We can customize your ad based on your marketing needs and budget.

Can my ad run more frequently?

We can customize your ad frequency based on your marketing needs and budget.

Can my ad have sound?

Sound would be difficult to hear and therefore not appropriate in most of our venues.  However will be available and listed as commercial available on our location list.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts for multiple ads on one billboard or across several billboards.

Do you offer payment terms?

Because of the low cost of our ads, most of our advertisers prefer to pay in one payment. However, a payment arrangement can be arranged, if necessary.

Do you offer a package for special promotions, events, or sales?

We can provide you with event, promotion, or sale advertising. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer exclusivity?

Our ads are not priced to be exclusive by industry. However, exclusivity can be negotiated.