Display Ads



UTS CityView Billboard Sponsorship

$1800.00 Per Month / Per Billboard

Sponsor a UTS CityView Billboard and receive the following


  • Static Side Display Ad-This Display Ad is EXCLUSIVE to Your Company.  This Ad rotates every 15 minutes.
  • Continuous Rotation Bottom Banner Message with your company message, special or announcement
  • 1 – Display Advertisements on Company Sponsored Board
  • 1 – :30 Second Video Commercial on Sponsored Board
  • 3 – Display Advertisements on 3 Additional UTS CityView Boards of your choice.
  • Business Directory  in UTS News Magazine 1 Month
  • UTS E-blast Announcing Your Sponsorship of UTS City View Billboard
  • 30  –  :30 Commercials ROS on WCSN TV32 / UTS TV

Display Billboard Ad Rates

Digital Display Ads display time is 15 sec. per rotation. Because location hours may vary our Digital Display Hours are based on each participating location operating on an 6 hour per day.

1 Ad Purchase Includes: 15 second Display Ad Per Month

1 Month-     $50.00 per month

3 Months-   $45.00 per month                $135.00

6 Months-   $35.00 per month                 $210.00

9 Months-   $30.00 per month                 $270.00

12 Months- $25.00 per month                 $300.00

Static Ad—1 Static Ad Per Board Per Month

1 Mos    $300—Includes 1 Rotating Ad On Board Scrolling Message

2 Mos.  $500—includes 2 Rotating Ads On Boards

3 Mos   $800—include 3 Rotation Ads on Boards

Side Show – Side Banner Ad Per, Board Per Month

1 Mos. $25 Per Mo.

The Scroller – Banner Message Inclusion in Scroller Section

1 Month  $15 Per Month                  

Multiple Month Packages Must Be Paid in Full


Formats Accepted: JPEG and PNG

Video: MP2 / YouTube Link

Custom Display Design                      $50.00

Video Commercial                               $250 and up

Mobile Text Campaign                       $50.00

Included Features:

  • Auto Thumbnail creation of full display size 1024 x 615 ads in 2 smaller sizes for E-Mail Marketing and Social Media      Marketing
  • Video Streaming of Commercials on website and YouTube Channel
  • RSS Feeds of your ads for each Ad Server contents so you can have Syndication of ads all over the Internet. This is great for sending ads to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Slideshows on our website of each of our ad server contents.