Economic Circle



Low Cost Effective Advertising for Small Businesses

Income Producing Opportunity for Host Partners

Employment / Affiliate Opportunities for Community

Special Features:

PSA for Community Announcements

Missing Persons

Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profits & MORE!!!!

UTS City View Billboards was designed to create a network of community access to information, employment opportunities and to connect local communities while at the same time providing a information distribution network for the community.

All Ad Servers (Digital Signage Systems) are paid for by way of Crowd Funding or Business Sponsorships and than placed in a local business in that same community.

Small Business Development is at work with our marketing model. The community shares in profits by selling ads for each system. Each business host receives a commission that goes back into their business for allowing us a place to host the billboards. Locations hosting the system get 8% of each ad sold by their team and FREE Advertising on their location board as well as other partner host location boards.

We also offer sales positions and affiliate programs for people in the community looking for jobs or business opportunities. Anyone can sell ads on the UTS CityView Boards and receive a portion of the sales.

UTS City View Billboards handles all the technical side of the Ad Servers including installation setup, programming and ad management.


Look for additional business opportunities including franchise and territory assignments coming soon.