Why choose digital signage for your marketing strategy?

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, indoor digital signage can give you the ability to build loyalty and brand awareness, improve customer experience, and ultimately increase sales. According to the Point of Purchase Advertising International, roughly 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. If 75% of decisions are made at your business location, what are you doing to influence their purchases?

Digital signage gives you the ability to deliver custom messaging to your customers and clients, reaching them when they are most receptive to influential messaging. Solutions offered by UTS CityView Billboards allows for seamless integration into your environment, while delivering a flexible and eye catching message.

Why choose Indoor Ad Network?

Advertisers and Marketers have long been searching for new and innovative ways to get their name, brand, and/or product in front of consumers as traditional print media is saturated, boring, and slowing down. Also, one of the major concerns with traditional media is how much is wasted when an advertisement misses its targeted market – i.e. A hair salon that services customers from within 5 miles yet advertises with a news paper that services the whole county.

Our screens are strategically placed where your customers will be able to view them and learn about you and your product creating top of mind awareness.

  • Ad recall and retention in digital signage is better than in any traditional advertising.
  • Viewers cannot skip DDS (Digital Display Ads).
  • Newspaper ads are usually viewed once a day at most, while DDS delivers more frequency.
  • DDS ads are more compelling because of full-motion.
  • DDS ads are more flexible; they can be customized and aimed at smaller target audiences within a larger audience.

DDS is more cost-effective (Lower CPM) then most newspapers and magazines, while having a higher targeting ability and impact. (CPM = Cost Per Thousand)